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Magazines (selection)

Gray Magazine
Community Centers - June/July 2019

#46 Francis Kéré, of Clay and Community - Autumn 2018

Mensch, Natur und Materie - January-February 2018

Diébédo Francis Kéré, Building as Education – Oris 108, 2017

Serpentine Pavilion 2017 – September 2017

Mondo Arc
Architecture for the People - August-September 2017

Structural Change - June-July-August 2017

Arquitectura Viva
Figuring Francis Kéré – March 2017

Bühnen Technische Rundschau
Nach Afrika schauen, in die Zukunft bauen - Special Issue 2017 

Architectural Record
Raising the Grade - January 2017

Francis Kéré: Radically Simple - January 2017

EcologiK Magazine
L'éducation, levier pour l'avenir de la planète - Issue Nr. 52 2016

Vision is a learned practice - 100th edition 2016

Francis Kéré: The architect putting sub-saharan africa inside the world's most famous museums - September/October 2016

Exhibition: Out of Africa - September 2016

Revista Casas
Semana del Diseno de Milán - July 2016

Crear Puentes - June/July 2016

Interior Design
He built a school in Africa - June 2016

Diébédo Francis Kéré: My Africa - January/February 2016

Center for Health and Social Advancement - December 2015

Architect Magazine
The big ideas behind the Venice Biennale - November 2015

Architect Magazine
Besting Venice - October 2015

Ever Onward - September/October 2015

Vitra & Camper - September 2015

Diseño Interior
El Retail del Futuro - September 2015

Architectural Record
Just What the Doctor Ordered - August 2015

Identity Through Diversity - July/August 205

Arquitectura Viva
El Arte de La Realidad #171 2015

To Succeed you need Courage - October 2014

Pieza Icónica:Biblioteca escolar en Gando, Burkina Faso - Aug/Sept 2014

Earthworks Magazine
Respected. Responsible. Rooted - Issue 21 2014

Architectural Record
Bringing It All Back Home - June 2014

Japan architecture and urbanism
Structured to capture Light - 514

Think Global Build Social - 211/212

Architectur und Baudetail - June 2013

Architektur-Magazine - June 2013

Domus 962 - October 2012

Berlin Special - Sring Summer 2012

#03 January 2012
International Desing, Architecture and Culture

Arquitectura Viva
Africa esencial #140 2012

a magazine on contemporary culture
#29 July-August 2011

#949 July-August 2011

Landscape Architecture China #2 2011
Design for Whom

#3 2011 Scéno-architektura

Green 01/2011

Arquitectura Viva
Más por menos #133 2010

Architectural Record
November 2010

Green Source
May June 2010, buildings without borders
The Magazine of Sustainable Design

#78 / 79, march/april 2010

#140 2009
quarterly architectural magazine

#501 2009
Magazine on Architecture and Art

Domus 927 - July/August 2009


Books (selection)

Francis Kere - Primary Elements
Edited by Fundacíon ICO / Arquitectura Viva
2018, Avisa

AV Monographs 201, Francis Kéré: Practical Aesthetics 
Edited by Luis Fernández-Galiano
2018, Arquitectura Viva 

Edited by Alejandro Hernández Gálvez
2017, Arquine

Landmark Buildings: A review of Three Decades of Architecture
Christian Schittich
2017, Detail

100 Contemporary Brick Buildings
Philip Jodidio
2017, Taschen

Francis Kéré: Serpentine Pavilion 2017
Edited by Melissa Blanchflower & Joseph Constable
2017, Koenig Books

Francis Kéré: Radically Simple
Hrsg. Andres Lepik, Ayça Beygo
2016, Hatje Cantz

Africa Rising
Gestalten, Design Indaba
2016, Gestalten Verlag

Open House 2
Florentine Sack
2016, Jovis

Reporting from the Front: 15th International Architecture Exhibition
Alejandro Aravena
2016, Marsilio

Nina Frolova
2016, SPEECH

Fifty Under Fifty: Innovators of the 21st Century 
Edited by Beverly Russell, Eva L. Maddox & Farooq Ameen
2015, Images Publishing

Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design
Edited by Mateo Kries & Amelie Klein
2015, Vitra Design Museum

AFRICA: Archiecture, Culture, Identity
Edited by Michael Juul Holm & Mette Marie Kallehauge
2015, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings
Marc Kushner
2015, TED Books

William Hall
2015, Phaidon Press

Local Architecture
Brian MacKay-Lyons
2014, Princeton Architectural Press

Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined
Kate Goodwin and Philip Ursprung
2014, Royal Academy Publications

Victoria Ballard Bell and Patrick Rand
2014, Princton Architectural Press New York

Afritecture: Building Social Change
Andres Lepik
2014, Hatje Cantz

Architecture Now! Vol. 9
Philip Jodidio
2013, Taschen

Global Architecture Today
Tianjin University Press
2013, Tianjin

Architecture Now! Vol. 8
Philip Jodidio
2012, Taschen

Design Like You Give a Damn 2: Building Change from the Ground Up
Architecture for Humanity
Editors: Kate Stohr, Cameron Sinclair
2012, Harry N. Abrams

Human Experience and Place: Sustaining Identity
Architectural Design Vol. 11/12
Paul Brislin
2012, Academy Press

NEEDS: Architecture in developing Countries
Salvatore Spataro
2011, Lettera Ventidue

Atlas: Architectures of the 21st century.Africa and Middle East
Luis Fernández Galiano
2011, Fundación BBVA

Sustainable Design II: Towards a New Ethics ofArchitecture and City Planning
Marie-Helene Contal-Chavannes, Jana Revedin
2011, ACTES SUD, Arles Cedex

Moderators of Change: Architecture that helps
Regina Bittner, Carson Chan, Luis Fernandez Galliano, Andres Lepik

Small Scale, Big Change
Andres Lepik, Barry Bergdoll
2010, The Museum of Modern Art

Extreme Architecture: Building for Challenging Environments
Ruth Slavid
2009, Laurence King Publishing

10x10/3, 100 Architects, 10 Critics
Editors of Phaidon Press
2009, Phaidon Press

Atlas: Global Architecture circa 2000
Luis Fernández Galiano
2008, Fundación BBVA, Arquitectura Viva

Architecture of Change: Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment
Lukas & Kirstin Feireiss
2008, Gestalten Verlag

The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture
Editors of Phaidon Press
2008, Phaidon Press Inc

Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises
Architecture for Humanity
2006, Metropolis Books


Francis Kéré | Coachella Art

Produced by Goldenvoice, April 2019 

Francis Kéré. Elementos primarios
Produced by Museo ICO, October 2018

Diébédo Francis Kéré Lecture - The Design School at ASU
Produced by The Design School, ASU, September 2018

Think Global, Build Social
Produced by DLDconference, January 2018

Serpentine Pavilion 2017: Francis Kéré
Produced by Serpentine Galleries, August 2017

Build Your Own Pavilion: Francis Kéré
Produced by Serpentine Galleries, August 2017

New Burkina Faso National Assembly "responds to the needs of the people" says Diébédo Francis Kéré
Produced by Dezeen, July 2017

How architecture can be a tool to help ease immigration
Produced by CityLab, December 2017

Serpentine Architecture: Francis Kéré in conversation
Produced by Serpentine Galeries, July 2017

Architektur für eine besser Welt
Produced by ttt, February 2017

Francis Kéré: Architektur für ein besseres Leben
Produced by arte, January 2017

Der Architect Francis Kéré: 'Ich bin ein deutsches Produkt'
Produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur, December 2016

Francis Kéré: 'Eigentlich bin ich ein deutscher Architekt'
Produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur, November 2016

Architecture for the people: Austellung zu Francis Kéré in Pinakothek der Moderne
Produced by SWR, November 2016

Francis Kéré: une architecture au service de l'humain
Produced by arte, November 2016

Francis Kéré: Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt der Baukunst
Produced by arte, November 2016

Francis Kéré's Colorscape
Produced by Philadelphia Museum of Art, June 2016

Biennale Architettura 2016 - Kéré Architecture
Produced by la Biennale di Venezia Channel, May 2016

From African village to architectural heights
Produced by BBC News, May 2016

AD Interviews: Francis Kéré / Chicago Architecture Biennial
Produced by Archdaily, November 2015

Diébédo Francis Kéré: Architecture is about people
Produced by Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, September 2015

Diébédo Francis Kéré: Architecture is a wake-up call
Produced by Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, September 2014

AD Interviews: Diébédo Francis Kéré / Kéré Architecture
Produced by Archdaily, August 2014

Diébédo Francis Kéré at Insight Germany
Deutsche Welle Interview broadcasted Wednesday, June 4th at 4:15 pm UTC, so 18:15 Uhr in Germany

Sensing Spaces: Diébédo Francis Kéré
Produced by the Royal Acadamy of Arts, February 2014

Diébédo Francis Kéré: How to build with clay and community
TEDCity2.0, September 2013

Audio: Roger Mayou, director of the new Museum Croix-Rouge and Croissant-Rouge and a reportage of Francis Kéré
RADIO Babylone, May 22, 2013, L'Aventure humanitaire

Video: Indaba, Design Conference
Cape Town, South Africa, November 2011

Video: Interview with Diébédo Francis Kéré
SF1 Kulturplatz, November 24, 2010

Video download: Global Award
LOCUS Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, 2009