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Opera Village

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Although Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, it is also a nation with a strong sense of national pride. This project was developed in collaboration with the late German theater and film director Christoph Schlingensief, whose aim was to help shape and strengthen the Burkinabé cultural identity, using art as a strategy for positive development.

The initial concept for the project was to draw attention to Burkina Faso as a center of African film and theater with the construction of a world-class performance center. After massive flooding damaged the project site and surrounding villages though, the decision was made to pool resources and funds from the opera to introduce residential, educational, and recreational amenities into the plan. In order to support this wide range of function and use, an adaptable structural module was developed with integrated passive ventilation, solar energy use, and water collection and management. Made with local clay, wood, and laterite stone, these modules minimize ecologic and cost impact by maximizing the use of materials widely available on site.

The masterplan includes classrooms for up to 500 students, a variety of housing types, art and media labs, workshops and dining facilities. The Opera Village also includes a newly opened medical center, the Centre de Santé et de Promotion Sociale, which serves the larger surrounding community.


STATUS: Under Construction
SITE: Laongo / Burkina Faso

SIZE: 14230 m²
CLIENT: Festspielhaus Afrika GmbH