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Beijing Pavilion

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For the 2013 China International Architecture Biennial, the pavilion proposal by KERE ARCHITECTURE regenerates the area formally occupied by the Olympics. Its design focuses on a canopy that provides a place to gather and enjoy the public space, especially the different ways in which the site will function and appear at different times of day. 

The canopy consists of multicolored boxes, creating a blanket that is hung over a light structure. The inspiration is drawn from transient shelters and vibrant colors that are so abundant in Africa. The boxes play with light, colour and movement as they interact with one another, generating intricate shadows and varying colour combinations from different perspectives.

At the ground level are small pools of water that reflect the colors and daylight from above, giving the visitors an opportunity to rest their feet in water. Mist would also fill the pavilion and work together with the water pools to create a cool and comfortable environment.

STATUS: Competition
SITE: Beijing / China

SIZE: 240
CLIENT: China International Architecture Biennial 2013